From The Headmistress (Junior School)

St. Columba’s School is not, I dare to say, just another school in the country. It can look back with reasonable pride to the glorious tradition and lofty ideals already set by illustrious Principals, headmasters, teachers and ex-students.

Our collective endeavour would be not only to maintain but also to improve the high standard of academic performance and infuse among our students selflessness, commitment to the society and above all, love for the country. I am fortunate to be associated with this Institution in this mission and we dedicate ourselves fully to this challenge.

It is a privilege to lead the Junior School where empowerment, ownership and diversity show that people and their creativity are key ingredients in a great learning environment.

While we focus on Numeracy and Literacy we also believe in developing the whole child and ensuring creativity in our programmes. We are extremely proud of the ongoing achievement of our students.

Our staff is motivated and committed to provide an enriched, interesting curriculum to meet our student’s needs and prepare them for future learning.

We believe in strong, positive home-school partnerships where parents and teachers work together so our students reach their full potential and take full advantage of the learning opportunities provided at school. We value open communication - an essential component of these partnerships.

SCS thrives in its vibrant, supportive, educational environment, founded on the enduring qualities of goodness, truth, service and justice.

It is our hope that this website will provide you with helpful and appropriate information about our educational standards and expectations and leave you with a sense of the strong learning community that exists at St.Columba’s School.

Mrs. Anita Ghai
Headmistress, Junior School