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Outreach Programme

Title : An exclusive session on Cryptography by Mr. Jyotesh Singh for the members of phi Cluster (2017-18)

A session of Phi Cluster organised by Mrs. Himani Jain was conducted on the 15th of March by Mr. Jyotesh Singh (a distinguished ex Columban, pursuing P.H.D at Princeton University), who discussed various aspects of Cryptography with the students in significant detail. 
We began with an introduction to the field of Cryptography and were introduced to various new concepts such as Encryption, Decryption and Keys. After a lengthy discussion on the topic of functions required in this field, various traditional Cryptographic methods were discussed such as the Caesar Cipher, Alphabet Substitution and VigenéreCipher, the drawbacks of such systems and their presence in popular culture was also discussed after which we moved on to more modern methods such as the RSA encryption.
A long and thorough explanation was given about the working of the RSA Algorithm and the reasons for its security and reliability were made evident when the actual process had been fully understood. Various topics such as modular arithmetic were extensively discussed for they were crucial in the working of modern encryption algorithms. 
Later, we set our eyes towards the future of Cryptography, about how modern encryption systems are likely to fail with the advancement in technology and how we need to discover new methods to encrypt information. Potential Candidates for future systems were also briefly discussed such as Chaos Theory and their impracticalities.
In the end, questions were asked by the students which they had and the session was concluded. The students felt that it was a very nice and informative session and are looking to forward to their next session. This experience opened their eyes further to the world of mathematics and widened their horizons.

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Title : OUTREACH FOR CLASS 9C (2017-18)

An orientation programme was conducted for class 9C on 21/8/17. Mr. Saptrishi roy and mr. Anubhav from An ngo "flush mob" made this session interactive. The students were updated about the techniques for waste management. Few more pictures in next few mails.....
Class teacher : Mrs. H.jain

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Title : 9 Is Mine (2016 - 17)


TIME : 8 AM - 1PM

The students participated in a programme "DRUM OUT POVERTY", organized  by Br. Steve Rocha, as part of the NINE IS MINE initiative in collaboration with UNICEF.

Approximately 1100 students from various schools across Delhi converged at The Bal Bhawan to participate and generate awareness about the various goals of the Nine Is Mine campaign and bring into focus the dismal levels of hygiene and sanitation.

All the students were given T-Shirts and Buckets as souvenirs with aims of the programme boldly printed on them. The programme while it entertained also enlightened the students about the plight of their peers in schools in Arunachal Pradesh and across India. The children from Arunachal Pradesh then presented a song and dance. The famous band D- CLUB and the NINE IS MINE participants enthralled the audience with their song, drums, jugglery , unicycles , etc.

The highlight was the synchronized beating of buckets, drums, tin boxes, bins, to......"DRUM OUT POVERTY". A well organized programme which educated as it entertained.

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