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Dear Parent


I bring you the good news that St Columba’s has been nominated the No 1 Boys Day School in Delhi NCR and Delhi, by Educational World at their awards Ceremony on the 24th September. I congratulate you, your sons, the teachers and staff and Bro Beddoe for his inspiring leadership. St Columba’s has been ranked the 8th best Boys Day School for boys in the country ! Let’s hope that we can improve our ranking there. Your cooperation is vital to us achieving this goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, rather lengthy, communication from me !


1. The middle and senior school children have just completed examinations and I invite you on the following days for a meeting with me after which you can collect your son’s report cards from the class teachers. At the meeting our bankers will be present to speak with you regarding e-payment of fees; “Extramarks” will be speaking to the parents of Classes 8 to 12 regarding abilities testing and career counselling; Mrs Sheel / Mrs Frederick and myself shall speak with you on such topics as : academics, child development, parenting, etc. Most meetings have been scheduled to commence at 7.45am, so as to give you sufficient time to proceed to work thereafter. Thus, please do come. The students have already been shown their papers.

  • 17th Oct : 7.45am : Classes 4 & 5 (these students do not come to school on this day only)
  • 18th Oct : 7.45am : Classes 6 & 7 (these students do not come to school on this day only)
  • 19th Oct : 7.45am : Class 8 (these students do not come to school on this day only)
  • 19th Oct : 9.30am : Class 9 (students come to school and return with their parents)
  • 21st Oct : 7.45am : Class 10 (students come to school and return with their parents. We shall also be initiating the counselling for Class XI admissions at this time)
  • 22nd Oct : 7.45am : Class 12 (students come to school and return with their parents)
  • 22nd Oct : 9.30am : Class 11 (students come to school and return with their parents)

2. From the 1st of November, all students are expected to wear the winter uniform. This uniform will be worn till the end of the academic year in March '17. This uniform consists of : a grey (worsted) trousers, a white shirt, black shoes, grey school socks, the school belt and tie. The students are only to wear the school pullovers / blazers / mufflers / warm caps, for protection against the cold. Since your son will be wearing a tie, please check that he can button his collar comfortably. If he has outgrown the shirt (that is, he is not comfortable when the collar is buttoned), please ensure that he has new shirts stitched.

3. As you check your son’s wardrobe and see if he fits into his winter uniform, you may find that he has out-grown some of the items of his uniform. If those articles of the uniform are in good condition, you are requested to launder these articles and send them neatly folded to school. We have a significant number of fellow students who could benefit from this act of mindfulness. I thank you, in anticipation of your generosity. You may, similarly, launder and send to school, generalwarm clothes(pullovers and jackets), which we also make available to those in need.

4. Students who would like to avail of the stock of uniforms we have are requested to come to school on Sunday, October, 9th, between 12noon and 1pm only, to check out if they can use some of the uniforms which we have.

5. On the 16th October, between 12noon and 1pm, members of families may visit school and check if they would like to use the general warm clothing which has been given. Only one article of warm clothing will be given to each person.

6. From the month of November too, we would like to open our facilities as a Night Shelter to street people who might otherwise freeze on the streets in the severe weather. These persons would be welcomed from 6pm to 5am. On behalf of these needy people, I request you to donate generously with light dhurries, blankets or sleeping bags, sheets, towels and bedding bags. We are hoping to accommodate 120men, women, boys and girls. Very young children can stay with their mothers. We will be offering them the opportunity to have a hot bath. They will be directed to have their meals in the neighbouring gurdwara. Whatever general warm clothes we have in our supply will be given to them. We plan to organise them to clean up the place they have used to be ready for the students when the students arrive at 7am.

7. During this, the Platinum Jubilee Year of the school, we hope, with your assistance, to have the following done :
a. Renovate the Middle school Auditorium. The expected cost is Rs. 35 lakhs.
b. Air-condition Edmund Rice Hall. The estimated cost is about Rs. 40 lakhs (including the purchase of a separate generator to take the load of both venues. These venues are very well used for curricular and curricular events by students of the entire school and are a significant vehicle for educating your sons.
c. Carrying out an educational audit and embarking on a road map to enable the school to be progressively relevant as we move towards the school’s centenary. To enable all this to happen we would need to collect about Rs 1 crore. It has been suggested that we could only collect these funds with your generous help and cooperation. Thus, we hope to have the following fund raising events : a raffle; a musical event; a fete and print a Platinum Jubilee Brochure, to help us achieve this target.
This is a large task and thus we invite the participation of parents and past pupils in this endeavour. I am proposing a Platinum Jubilee Committee to consist of

  • 1 parent of a student in each class section (67 parents)
  • The class teachers of each class section (67 teachers)
  • 10 past pupils
  • 22 students : one from each section of classes 9 to 12
  • The 2 Headmistresses and Administrator
  • The Principal
    From this committee, a core committee of 12 persons : 2 parents, 2 teachers, 2 students, 2 past pupils, 3 section Heads and the Principal, shall be formed. Parents who wish to be part of the Platinum Jubilee Committee should send an email to me at The parent will be selected by lot.

8. The school Parent Teacher Association Core Groupconsists of 12 parents (one from each class : classes 1 to 12. Parents who wish to be selected to this forum are requested to send in their applications to the Principal at It is important that such parents commit themselves to attend regularly - nce a month - generally on a Friday afternoon at 3pm the PTA meeting. It is expected that such parents bring a holistic consideration to education and that their concern goes beyond the wellbeing of their child to the entire teaching-learning community in the school. 4 of the parents will be replaced each year. The term of a parent is 3 years. The Principal, in consultation with the respective Headmistress / Headmaster / Administrator nominates parents to this core group), 12 teachers (one from each class : classes 1 to 12. Teachers are appointed on a rotation basis. 4 teachers will be replaced each year. The Principal, in consultation with the respective Headmistress / Headmaster / Administrator, nominates Teachers to this core group.), The Junior and Middle School Headmistresses, the Senior School Administrator and the Principal are ex-officio members.
The Purpose of the Parent-Teacher Association (to which all parents by the fact that their sons are students of St Columba's school are members of the General Body of the PTA; similarly all teachers automatically belong to the General Body of the PTA; all Brothers in the Administration and Management of the school are members of the PTA General Body) is to a provide a forum where the opinions of the various adult stakeholders of the school can frankly share their opinions. This is significant in enabling all stakeholders in assisting the school in reaching its objectives. It is noted that this body is consultative. All decisions pertaining to the school are ratified in the Managing Committee of the school.
The above note, with the list of the names of the present members of the PTA Core Group shall be hosted on the school's website.
I will take the opportunity of corresponding with you in this manner as and when I feel that this is vital. I look forward to you corresponding with me whenever necessary, through my email . Please also feel free to meet me on working weekdays from 8.15 to 8.45am and otherwise through appointment (please contact my Secretary for an appointment, using the school phone).
I look forward to working closely with you for the holistic education of your children.

Principal, St. Columba’s School