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Obituary Notice - Bro Dermot Barrett

I am sorry to convey to you that Bro Dermot Barrett passed away this morning. His body will be laid out at the school reception area from this afternoon. There will be a mass in this area at 5pm this evening. There will be no classes on the 16th and 17th Jan. The class 10 Pre Board exam will be held on the 16th Jan as scheduled. The funeral mass for Bro Barrett shall be at 2.30pm on Monday, 16th Jan in the cathedral, followed by burial in the York cemetery. 2 buses have been organised to take people from the cathedral to York cemetery and back. May Bro Barrett 's  soul rest in peace. - Bro Miranda (Principal)

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Admission : 1 to 9

Admission : 1 to 9 2017-18 : for more details please :: Click Here

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KG Admission

KG Admission 2017-18 : for more details please :: Click Here

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Platinum Jubilee Celebration - Musical Night

St. Columba's school celebrated its Platinum Jubilee with a Musical Night bash on Friday, the 16th of December, 2016. With the promise of excitement and adrenaline rush, the event was one of a kind. The concert was open to everyone including past pupils and students from all Delhi schools. Over 2,600 youngsters descended in the campus that evening.

The school bands Skyline and Hectic from St. Columba's and Amity International School, Mayur Vihar respectively, set the tone for the evening with their outstanding performances. Well-known DJs Bangloud, Mindbass and Doctor Daniel played some electrifying EDM music. Popular Boy-band, PAN!C became instant favourites just after their first song and serenaded the crowd with more hit numbers.  Finally, the most awaited DJ for the evening, Candice Redding mesmerised the audience with her scintillating music. The variety of food stalls satiated the hunger of the dancing crowd. With state-of the-art technology and equipment, courtesy Pearl Entertainment, Columba's ground was transformed into the most happening party in town. The brilliant visual graphics by Columbans and support lent by LIMN Entertainment made the experience enthralling.

In the end, the Principal, Br. E.V. Miranda proposed the vote of thanks and invited everyone to the Columban Carnival to be held on the 5th of February, 2017 for more action and enjoyment.
By Aakash Dutt

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School Audit

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Teachers Day Celebration (2016 - 2017)

Teachers Day 5th Sept. 2016

"A teacher affects eternity;

He can never tell where his influence stops!"

                                                                          Henry Brook Adams

Teacher Day was celebrated with  much enthusiasm and fanfare on 5th Sept. in Edmund Rice Hall under the enlightening vision of PrincipalBr. Miranda.

Marking the Jubilee year of St. Columba's School, our Principal took the initiative to invite retired ex-teachers who had served in the institution and also the ex-pupils of our school.

The air echoed with applause and the eyes turned moist as the ex-pupils presented a token of their gratitude to the retired teachers.

This was followed by fun-filled extravaganza as the junior school boys danced to the tune of 'I love my teacher and sang songs conveying their LOVE for their teachers - their 'heroes'.

The boys from the middle and senior school expressed their gratitude by presenting eye-catching dance performances and foot tapping song medleys.

The event culminated in a grand lunch hosted in the middle school ground.

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COQ 2016-17 : Senior School


Chief Organiser : Mrs. R. Popli
Assisted by : Mrs. R. Nagpal, Mrs. R. Sharma, Mrs. S. Chandra, Mr. M. Vaz, Mr. D. Mathew, Mrs. R. Pharasi, Mrs. A. Khanna, Mr. O. P. Singh, Mr. R. K. Sharma and Mr. N. Agrawal.

The much awaited annual Columban Open Quiz was held on the 26th & 27th of August 2016 on a mammoth scale in collaboration with Oxford University Press.

About 280 plus teams from various prestigious schools from all across Delhi and NCR participated in this 2-day event.  The Preliminary rounds followed by the Semi-Finals, were held on the 26th of August. The venue for the Preliminary Rounds was the Edmund Rice Hall, while the Semi- Final rounds were held in the Middle School Auditorium. 
The Grand Finale was held the following day in the Junior School Hall in which 12 teams vied for the coveted COQ trophy. 

The Preliminary rounds as well as the Semi-finals were prepared and conducted brilliantly by ex-Columbans Rabin Jacob, Ravtej Singh, Aditya Garg, Ravnit Singh, Siddhant Pyasi, Adil Jacob,Shreyas Sood, Ishaan Watts, Shivam Parashar, Ayush Sinha, Tanmay Dutta, Pramey Das, Vangmay Jayant. The Finals were conducted by our seasoned Quiz master and ex Columban Mr. Kunal Savarkar of Xpress Minds. Mr. Rajnish Mathur (G.M. Sales, Oxford University Press) along with Mr. Abhishek Anand, Ms. Misha Beri & Mr. Rohit Chouksey, among others from Oxford University Press also honoured us with their presence. 

The 12 teams that made it to the Finals were from:-
  1. Delhi Public School - R.K. Puram (3 teams)
  2. Delhi Public School - Noida (2 teams)
  3. St. Columba's School 
  4. Modern School, Barakhamba Road
  5. Sardar Patel Vidyalaya (2 teams)
  6. New Era Public School
  7. Amity International School
  8. Mount Carmel School
Modern School, Barakhamba Road emerged the proud winner of COQ 2016. Close on their heels was a team from Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram in second position and DPS, Noida bagged the third position. The programme ended with the prize distribution and the vote of thanks.

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Independence Day Celebration (2016 - 2017)

August 15th - Independence Day
Venue : Senior School Ground

The show started by an introduction by the class 12th boys about Independence Day and its significance. It was followed by a patriotic poem written by a senior school boy. Then a speech was delivered which infused the feelings of nationalism in the students.

The National Anthem was sung by all students of junior, Middle and Senior wings.
The junior school portrayed many freedom fighters and how we triumphed and achieved Independence from the British.
Everybody enjoyed the patriotic numbers sung by the Senior school band. 

Then came the Finale dance, it showcased the boys dancing to Bollywood hits like 'INDIAWAALE', 'CHUNARIYA' and 'VANDE MATARAM'. The audience got on their feet to cheer for the boys. The show ended by Br. Miranda addressing the school followed by the School Anthem.
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Best Speaker Debates - 2016

Co-ordinators - Mrs. A. Joseph & Ms. S. Grover
The Best Speaker's Debate 16-17 was held on Saturday the 30th of July, in the Edmund Rice Hall. Teams from classes XI and XII debated the topic  'Nice Guys Finish Last'

The team speaking for the motion was class XI. The speakers were - 
  • Elvis Francis                XI A
  • Divyum Gupta            XI B
  • Aparimeya Taneja     XI C
  • Jeril Philip                    XI D
  • Ritwiz Sarma               XI E

The team speaking against the motion was class XII. The speakers were - 
  • T.S. Vaidyanathan     XII A                   
  • Ayran Vij                     XII B                   
  • Ishaan Ahmed             XII C                   
  • Siddharthan L.           XII D                   
  • Aakash Dutt               XII E                    

The spirited and stimulating debate was a closely contested one. Class XII was declared victorious and were presented the coveted shield.
Aakash Dutt of class XII E was adjudged the Best Speaker and 
Siddharthan Lakshamanan of class XII D was adjudged the Second Best Speaker.
The Prize for the Best Interjector was shared by Yatharth Jaggi (XII B) and Naman Khanna (XII A)
Classes XII A and XI B also received prizes for winning the Inter-class debates in their respective groups. 

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